In Beijing, onlookers watch a meeting of “I-people”

In Beijing, onlookers watch a meeting of “I-people”

They are hesitating to stay or choose the large desk

Highlights: Inside Beijing, onlookers view a meeting out-of “I-people” With individuals of the same form, it identify their particular comfy social room. The brand new “E” and “I” match the fresh new extrovert and you will introvert items in the MBTI (a theoretic model of character systems) A reporter regarding Beijing Young people Each day, who is an application We character, including registered to experience an “I individual” team – helping someone commemorate their birthday within Haidilao hot pot bistro.

Nowadays, a special kind of personal telecommunications is common certainly young adults – “Age person” meeting and you may “I individual” gathering. The latest “E” and you will “I” correspond to the fresh new extrovert and introvert items throughout the sixteen identity testing of MBTI (a theoretical model of identification products), respectively.

To most useful appreciate this sorts of event, not long ago, a journalist regarding Beijing Youngsters Everyday, that is a form We identity, plus authorized playing an enthusiastic “We people” team – enabling some body celebrate the birthday within Haidilao hot-pot restaurant you to “carried away service”.

Abreast of meeting, people showed introverted attributes: quiet, restraint, excessive humility, and you will caution. But not, over time, this community of sluggish-beautiful people slowly exposed and you can began to tell their unique tales and hear brand new tales off other people. With folks of the same form, they’re able to go into a secure and you will safe personal place, and everyone are able to find a sense of that belong and confidence.

So you can finest understand why type of meeting, lately, a reporter out-of Beiqing Information, that is a form I character, also licensed to tackle an enthusiastic “I person” people. You to definitely evening, twenty minutes until the appointed time, the latest Beiqing Development reporter expected throughout the eating class if people got arrived. Instantaneously after, We people that originated from everywhere started to declaration its roadway conditions in detail: “Dashanzi intersection try stuck in travelers” and you will “There clearly was nevertheless 1 subway avoid”. Yet not, not long shortly after, some other message jumped right up on the class: “Really introverted, however, challenge maybe not get into.” ”

The new shameful starting atmosphere might have been “foreshadowed” in position, and everyone arrived one after the other, immediately after which tentatively and you can welcomed that have a grin.

The new cafe into sundays try loud, but when you head into the personal room, it is significantly hushed on your ears. A big “Pleased Birthday celebration” material is actually pasted into the warm red-colored wall, and lots of colorful balloons is adorned quietly. The fresh new several-people package are spacious, but there are 20 some one planning to the fresh cluster, therefore, the owner of your own audience, Zongzi, together with booked a massive table.

Embarrassing opening The process of delivering a face РЎasualDates profiles can be so easy so it concludes having a grin at each and every other

Whenever there have been still several blank chair leftover on the field, a number of ladies whom showed up at the rear of found the entranceway and you can started to “stand in a military pose”. Right now, the brand new birthday celebration superstar Xiaoshi decided to split the brand new silence and you can carry out Age getting I (dealing with the reality that while i anybody satisfy, in order to not end up being cool, among We people will make initiative in order to induce the fresh point and have far more enthusiasm). We noticed the girl to evolve the lady resting position and have be sure to toward the door: “Come in, what-do-you-call-it?” If the terminology landed, numerous girls’ vision appeared to has actually a beneficial “scholar quake”, right after which, it checked-out one another, shyly retreated, leaving everybody in the space to sit and you will make fun of.

Anywhere between instructions, the team owner Zongzi started initially to “recognize individuals”, she got up-and moved to a few household members and questioned having a smile: “Which are you currently?” “Someone claimed its WeChat nickname; Someone indicated on the avatar towards category chat webpage regarding its cellular phone. However, the topic don’t unfold however, as well as the process of fulfilling each other stayed easy you to they concluded that have a smile at each and every almost every other.

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